Listen to The Linda Lindas’ ‘Growing Up’ from Joy Ride as the girls grow up

The Linda Lindas’ ‘Growing Up‘ is a catchy early song on the Joy Ride soundtrack

It would seem that the obvious choice of song to musically accompany that scene early on in the new comedy film Joy Ride as the girls grow up is The Linda Lindas’ ‘Growing Up‘.

Well, I would have picked it as the song is cool, and how could you not choose a band with a 12-year-old drummer?

The Linda Lindas’ ‘Growing Up‘ is the title track from the all-girl group’s debut studio album, which came out in June, 2022 via the Epitaph label.

It was not released as a single from the album, however, as that was left to the songs ‘Oh‘, ‘Nino‘ and ‘Racist, Sexist Boy‘, all of which are equally cool.

The band itself comprises 18-year-old lead singer and guitarist Bela Salazar, 15-year-old bassist Eloise Wong, 16-year-old guitarist Lucia de la Garza, and the aforementioned 12-year-old drummer Mila de la Garza, Lucia’s sister.

And yes, all four girls provide vocals for every track they release.

The Linda Lindas was originally founded in 2018 after Eloise Wong’s father was asked if his daughter wanted to perform at a local music festival, so he recruited the other three girls as her backing band.

Not long after, however, Bela Salazar then recruited Eloise, Lucia and Mila as her own backing band with herself as lead singer, and that is the line-up that has remained.

And yes, while the band members are still very young, they do release some hella bangin’ and very catchy music.

Listen to The Linda Lindas’ ‘Growing Up‘ as heard on Joy Ride this month in the song’s official music video, which was obviously filmed on a low-budget in one of their houses, but is very effective nevertheless, and that also stars the cutest cats.

You can also hear the song via the girls’ debut studio album below.


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