Listen to The Lively Ones’ ’40 Miles Bad Road’ from Stranger Things, Season 4, Ep. 9

American rock band The Lively Ones’ ‘40 Miles Bad Road‘ was played on the newest episodes of Stranger Things this week — Stranger Things, Season 4, Episode 9, “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback“.

The instrumental surf rock track was played on the episode as Will and Jonathan are in the back of the restaurant talking.

The Lively Ones’ ‘40 Miles Bad Road‘ came out in 1963 on the band’s Surf Drums album on the Del-Fi label.

It was one of six albums and several singles the five-member California band released in the 1960s.

The band itself broke up in 1965, but their songs do still occasionally pop up on the soundtracks of TV series like Stranger Things.

Most of the songs the band recorded were cover songs but, to say the band was only together for three years, they did release a heckuva lot of pretty decent music.

Listen to The Lively Ones’ ‘40 Miles Bad Road‘ on the recently released compilation album from the group.

The album features 40 other cool surf rock tracks.

You can also hear ‘40 Miles Bad Road‘ on the video at the bottom of this article, and check out more music from the latest season of the hit Netflix series on Leo Sigh.

The last two extended episodes of Stranger Things Season 4, which are basically full-length films, are now available on Netflix.



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