Listen to The Lumineers’ ‘Nobody Knows’ from New Amsterdam, Season 5, Ep. 2

Indie American folk band The Lumineers’ ‘Nobody Knows‘ was played on the new episode of New Amsterdam last night — New Amsterdam, Season 5, Episode 2, “Hook, Line and Sinker” (aired on September 27th, 2022).

The sweet song was heard as Max (Ryan Eggold) is telling Karen his new pilot prescription program, and is a lovely track that reminds people there is no point worrying about things as, while “nobody knows how the story ends”, living each day the best way you can isn’t likely to end badly for you.

The Lumineers’ ‘Nobody Knows‘ was originally released as one of almost 30 tracks/songs on the soundtrack of the hit fantasy movie Pete’s Dragon, which Disney released in 2016.

The song also came with a music video showing The Lumineers performing the guitar-driven song in the studio, interspersed with scenes from the movie that had Pete’s dragon prominently featured.

Listen to The Lumineers’ ‘Nobody Knows‘ from this week’s episode of New Amsterdam in that video, and on the Pete’s Dragon soundtrack.

You can also hear more music from various seasons of New Amsterdam here on Leo Sigh.


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