Listen to The Naked and Famous’s ‘Young Blood’ from Surviving Summer S2 E1 as Summer is in the car with her mom

New Zealand indie electronic band The Naked and Famous’s ‘Young Blood‘ was one of the massive number of very cool songs playing on the soundtrack of the new season of the Netflix series Surviving Summer this week.

The synth pop song was heard on the episode as Summer and her mother are in the car driving to Shorehaven.

It continues playing as the drama’s title appears, and then as Summer and her mother arrive at Ari’s house.

When was The Naked and Famous’s ‘Young Blood‘ released?

The song first came out in September, 2010 as the second single from the band’s debut studio album Passive Me, Aggressive You, which was released on the Somewhat Damaged record label.

The track eventually charted in 11 countries, with a #1 rank in New Zealand and a #9 on the US Alternative Airplay chart.

It was also certified Silver in the UK, Platinum in New Zealand and Australia, and 2 x Platinum in the United States.

The Naked and Famous’s ‘Young Blood‘ has also ended up becoming popular with the Music Supervisors of numerous hit TV shows over the last decade.

That has resulted in the song appearing on shows like Gossip Girl, Chuck, Elementary, Skins, and Stargirl.

Listen to The Naked and Famous’s ‘Young Blood‘ as heard on the new season of Surviving Summer in the video, and on the band’s Passive Me, Aggressive You album down below.

And, of course, watch both seasons of Surviving Summer via Netflix.


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