Listen to The Platters ‘The Great Pretender’ from FX’s ‘Feud’

The Platters 'The Great Pretender' was featured in the new FX series 'Feud'

The Platters ‘The Great Pretender‘ hit TV screens again this week, this time on ‘Feud

The Platters ‘The Great Pretender’ was featured in the latest episode of the brilliant FX docu-drama series ‘Feud‘ last night — Season 1, Episode 6, “Hagsploitation”. It was heard when Bobbie goes to talk with Jack about the new movie ‘Cousin Charlotte‘, and as Bobbie and Jack talk about their careers.

The Great Pretender‘ was recorded in 1955, and is The Platters most famous song. It has been covered many times since by other artists. The most well-known version being Freddie Mercury’s in 1987, which reached number four on the UKĀ Singles Chart and launched an iconic video.

Feud‘, of course, tells the legendary story of the long-running feud between two of Hollywood’s most famous actresses — Joan Crawford and Betty Davis — as well as how both women struggled later in life while dealing with Hollywood’s innate sexism and ageism.

The series stars two of today’s most famous actresses — Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.

Last night’s episode “Hagsploitation” looked at the scandalous rumor of Joan Crawford being approached by a blackmailer who said he had in his hands a copy of a ‘stag film’ Crawford supposedly made early in her career, when money was tight.

Watch The PlattersĀ ‘The Great Pretender‘ from the episode being performed live by the group in 1955 in the video below.

Now that’s how live music should be.

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