Listen to The Rescues’ ‘Secret Comes Out’ from A Million Little Things, Season 3, Episode 8

American indie pop rock band The Rescues’ ‘Secret Comes Out‘ was licensed for play on last night’s episode of the drama series A Million Little Things (aired on April 1st, 2021) — A Million Little Things, Season 3, Episode 8, “The Price of Admission“.

The song is from the band’s self-titled fourth studio album, which was released in 2017 via Red Wind Records.

The Rescues were founded in 2008 by musicians Kyler England, Adrianne Gonzalez and Gabriel Mann.

The three met while performing as solo acts and, while they had all been moderately successful prior to forming a band, they decided they could likely be even more successful together.

Since then, The Rescues has become one of the most successful groups in LA when it comes to providing music for hit TV shows.

Along with their latest music placement on A Million Little Things, the Los Angeles-based rock group has also had music featured on shows like Drop Dead Diva, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Station 19, One Tree Hill, Army Wives and Shameless.

Listen to The Rescues’ ‘Secret Comes Out‘ as heard on last night’s A Million Little Things on the band’s latest album, and in the YouTube video below.


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