Listen to The Rolling Stones ‘Doom and Gloom’ from Avengers: Endgame

As most of the music featured in the new Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame was original music written by Alan Silvestri, there were only a few tracks by major artists to appear on the blockbuster film.

One of them was The Rolling Stones ‘Doom and Gloom‘, which was heard on Avengers: Endgame while Rocket is fixing the ship, and Iron Man calls him Ratchet.

The Rolling Stones ‘Doom and Gloom’ was first released in October, 2012 as part of The Stones’ 50th anniversary compilation album GRRR! Along with ‘One More Shot‘, it was one of just two new songs on the album.

The track was released as the lead single from the album, and eventually made it to the number 8 spot on the U.S. Heritage Rock chart. The song also charted on three other American charts, as well as making it onto the charts in 10 other countries including the United Kingdom.

GRRR! itself sold more than two million copies worldwide, and hit number 3 on the United Kingdom’s Albums chart.

It was certified platinum in Austria and the United Kingdom, 2x platinum in Australia and Poland, and gold in seven other countries, including the United States.

Now in their 70s, The Rolling Stones are still touring and still releasing stellar music. And still give the same high energy performance they always did.

Their last album, the 2016 album Blue & Lonesome, charted in a huge number of countries and hit the top spot in 16 countries, including the U.S., the UK, Austria, Germany and Australia.

It also won a Grammy Award for the Best Traditional Blues Album.

As for The Rolling Stones ‘Doom and Gloom’, it also has a fascinating music video.

The video stars Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, playing many different roles. Its premise is an anti-capitalist rant as it showcases one group of people after another that are doing nothing but living a hedonistic life.

Listen to The Rolling Stones ‘Doom and Gloom‘ in the official music video for the song below. You can hear the album it originated on in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

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