The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’ on Boy Swallows Universe is song Eli plays for his mom

The new Netflix coming-of-age drama Boy Swallows Universe is not only one of the biggest trending shows on the streaming platform right now, it also features some of the best music played on a TV show soundtrack in a long time.

Songs from bands like The Stranglers, Supertramp, Men at Work and this one from The Rolling Stones — ‘Ruby Tuesday‘ — which was played on Boy Swallows Universe, Season 1, Episode 1, “Boy Smells Rat“.

In its case, it was that baroque pop song Eli played as he and his brother are sitting in the kitchen listening to their mother wailing “he’s trying to kill me”, and he then goes outside the room where she is locked in and turns on the tape player.

When was The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday‘ released?

The track originally came out on a double-A-side single by the British rock band in January, 1967 along with ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together‘, and quickly became a #1 hit in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Cash Box chart.

In the band’s home country of the United Kingdom, ‘Ruby Tuesday‘ climbed to #3 on the Singles chart, then charted in Finland, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and in Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe).

Ruby Tuesday’ was also released on the rock band’s seventh studio album Between the Buttons in the United States, although it was not included on the British edition of the album.

Strangely, for many years, singles were not included on British albums by most bands. Although they were when an American release of the same album came out.

The song itself became such a fan favorite, the iconic rock band has performed it in concert for years, and also included it on various live and compilation albums over the last 50 years.

Listen to The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’ as played on the first episode of Boy Swallows Universe in the video, and via the band’s Between the Buttons album down below.

The excellent Boy Swallows Universe is streaming on Netflix.


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