Listen to The Sex Pistols ‘My Way’ from Pennyworth Season 1, Episode 10, “Marianne Faithfull“

The Sex Pistols ‘My Way’ showed up on the latest episode of the Epix crime drama series Pennyworth last night — Pennyworth, Season 1, Episode 10, “Marianne Faithfull“.

The song was played during the episode and over the end credits.

The Sex Pistols ‘My Way‘ was the now-defunct English punk rock band’s most successful single.

Released in June, 1978, it was the fifth single for the band but was a decidedly strange one.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, the single’s A-side was ‘No One is Innocent‘ with vocals provided by the notorious Great Train Robbery criminal Ronnie Biggs who was in exile in Brazil at the time.

The B-side was ‘My Way‘, and was recorded in a studio in Paris.

The single, with its A and B sides, was released in the UK where it stayed in the Top 75 for 10 weeks. It’s ultimate spot was #7 on the UK Singles chart.

The band’s version of ‘My Way‘ is, of course, a cover of the iconic 1969 song by Frank Sinatra.

Listen to Sex Pistols ‘My Way‘ as featured on Pennyworth in the video below.

You can also hear the song on the soundtrack of the mockumentary The Great Rock N’ Roll Swindle, a 1980 film by Julien Temple about the Sex Pistols and their manager Malcolm McLaren.

You will find that in the Spotify widget below.

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