Listen to the songs from Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1 — 11 tracks, all cool

The second season of the popular British comedy drama series Sex Education has been released on Netflix. Just like the last season, it comes with a superb soundtrack of songs, primarily from the 1980s, fans of the series are going to be playing for weeks.

The first episode of the new season — Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1 — featured 11 songs, most of which are sexually suggestive enough they perfectly fit the theme of the hit series.

Let’s take a quick look and a listen to the songs from Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1 (**except for two, which have not yet been released).

I Touch Myself’ by Scala & Kolancy Brothers

Strangely named Scala & Kolancy Brothers, this is actually a Belgian women’s choir that has one Kolancy brother conducting (Stijn), and another accompanying the women on piano (Steven).

The choir is known for performing choral adaptations of famous pop and rock songs, including this one from their 2004 album Dream On — a cover of the Australian rock band Divinyls song ‘I Touch Myself‘.  And yes, it’s a song about masturbation.

The track was played on Sex Education during the opening.

Sexual Healing‘ by Hot 8 Brass Band

During the montage of Midgeville at the beginning of the first episode of Sex Education, Hot 8 Brass Band’s ‘Sexual Healing‘ got its featured play.  It is the New Orleans based brass band’s cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic song.

The band is known for playing at jazz nightclubs, funerals and parades. They also have a record deal with the UK’s Tru Thoughts music label.

The music video for the song was filmed in Brighton, England.

‘I Love You So Bad’ by Ezra Furman

Played as Otis and Eric are on their bikes, ‘I Love You so Bad‘ is one of three Ezra Furman songs on the first Sex Education episode, and is originally from his album Transangelic Exodus.

The song was also used in the first season of the series.

We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off‘ by Jermaine Stewart

American R&B vocalist Jermaine Steward’s ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off‘ was incredibly successful when it was released way back in 1986.

It was a song written to say you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do — and that includes having sex, doing drugs, drinking, getting pregnant as a teenager, or anything else your peers try to pressure you into.

The track was heard during Sex Education as the girls begin fighting on stage. It was performed by the acappella group.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy‘ by Rod Stewart

Probably the song Rod Stewart is most known for, the song was first released on his ninth album Blondes Have More Fun in 1978.

The track was an enormous hit for Stewart, made it to the top spot on nine music charts and was eventually placed on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

It was played on Sex Education as Lily introduces Ola to the social groups at school, and continues as Rahim walks by and everyone stares.

Do It Again A Little Bit Slower’ by Jon & Robin

American pop music duo Jon & Robin had a big hit with ‘Do It Again A Little Bit Slower’ — the only major hit the pair ever had.

The song was released on their 1967 album The Soul of a Boy and a Girl. It was played on Sex Education as Jean and Jakob are making out, as Otis and Ola are also making out and as Otis has problems getting an erection.

Little World’ by Ezra Furman

The third Ezra Furman of the episode, the track was heard as Otis kisses Ola.

It is another Furman song written exclusively for Sex Education, and is not currently available outside the show.

Bedside‘ by Ezra Furman

This is one of two songs on the soundtrack of Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1 that does not yet have an audio file you can listen to or a music video you can watch.

It was heard on the show as Maeva is dying her hair, and is a song Furman specifically wrote for the series.

Two Tribes‘ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Played as the girls are having a fight, and as Maeve tells Eric about Owen, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes’ is from the British band’s album Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

The track was written as an anti-war song and was an enormous success for the band, becoming the song that was at number 1 on the UK singles chart the longest throughout the entire 1980s.

It also topped the charts in seven other countries.

Everywhere‘ by Fleetwood Mac

The acappella group gives us their cover version of the iconic Fleetwood Mac song ‘Everywhere‘ on the opening episode of the second season of Sex Education.

The track was originally released on the band’s fourteenth studio album Tango in the Night.

Released in 1987, the song eventually topped the charts in four countries, including in the U.S. where it reached the top spot on the Adult Contemporary Chart.

The Promise‘ by When in Rome

The last song on Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1, When in Rome’s ‘The Promise‘ was the song played over the end credits right after Otis and Maeve decide to reopen the clinic.

It played out the first episode of this superb drama series in a lovely mellow way.

The song was first released in 1987 by the British new wave/synth pop band. It charted in three countries and, in the U.S., on three charts including the top spot on the Dance/Club Play Songs chart.

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