Listen to the Theme to ‘Marcella’ — The Bug’s ‘Fall’

The Bug Fall

If you have been watching Marcella, the superb new British crime series just premiered on Netflix this week, you may be wondering who sings the opening theme of the show and what the track is called.


After all, the singer sounds very much like Swedish singer Lykke Li but actually…isn’t.

The name of the track is ‘Fall’, and it was created by English producer and musician The Bug, aka Kevin Martin. The Bug is known for his dubstep, electronica, grime, hip hop and noise music.

Fall‘ features Russian singer Inga Copeland, aka Lolina, (well, we think she’s Russian but, as she has a different story about her background every week, who really knows?), and is from The Bug’s album Angels & Devils, which you can pick up on all major digital music sites.

Listen to the track below. It is beautiful.

Michelle Topham