Listen to The The’s ‘This Is The Day’ from the movie ‘Every Day’

Listen to The The’s ‘This Is The Day‘ from the Every Day car and party scenes

The The The song ‘This Is The Day‘ was featured on the soundtrack of the new movie Every Day (and yes, I started this sentence off with those three words on purpose because, come on, how often do you get to do that!).

The song was heard during the car ride at the opening of the movie, and during the party.


The The’s ‘This Is The Day‘ is from the band’s critically-acclaimed 1983 debut album Soul Mining. It was released as the third single from the album.

As for The The, they are a British post-punk synthpop band that has been in existence since 1979.

They took a long hiatus (from 2003 to 2017) from producing pop music, although they did work on soundtrack music for movies. Films such as Tony, Hyena, and the documentary Moonbug.

Nowadays, the band is currently back together and starting to tour, with their first concert in decades scheduled for Denmark on June 1st, and in London on June 5th, 2018.

Both concerts sold out in minutes.

During their heyday, The The had 15 singles that hit the charts, with their 1986 sophomore album Infected staying on the UK album charts for 30 weeks. That would pretty much set you up financially for life!

Listen to The The’s ‘This Is The Day‘ from Every Day in the video below to hear just why the band is still such a popular cult band almost 40 years after its founding.


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