Listen to the VHS Collection’s ‘Late Night (It’s Okay)’ from ‘Shameless’


The New York-based indie electro rock band VHS Collection‘s track ‘Late Night (It’s Okay)‘ was featured on the series finale of ‘Shameless‘ this week (18th December, 2016). An episode that had some of the best music on a TV series soundtrack.

The song was heard when Ian was riding the bus, and when Frank goes to a bar.

Late Night (It’s Okay)‘ is from the band’s┬áthree-track self-titled EP, released in late 2015. Since then, the synth rock band has released their debut album.

Two more of VHS Collection’s tracks ‘Lean‘ and ‘Late Night‘ were also featured on the same ‘Shameless‘ episode, both throughout the episode and during the end credits.

Listen to VHS Collection’s ‘Late Night (It’s Okay)‘ in the video below.

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