Listen to The Weeknd’s ‘Take Me Back’ from The Idol, Ep 3 end credits

The Weeknd had two new releases played on this week’s The Idol

The second new The Weeknd song featured on this week’s episode of the HBO Max series The Idol was The Weeknd’s ‘Take Me Back‘, which was the track that played over the show’s end credits.

Take Me Back‘ followed The Weeknd’s ‘A Lesser Man, which was the song playing over the first couple of minutes of the episode’s opening.

The Weeknd’s ‘Take Me Back‘ was officially released earlier today, and it plays in the episode right after Tedros and Jocelyn are in the bath, and he tells her to tap into everything bad that has happened to her as inspiration for her music.

And it is interesting how the Canadian singer songwriter is releasing his new music piece-by-piece as each new episode of The Idol arrives, instead of in a full-length album as the HBO Max series kicked off, as he first planned.

To me that makes each new song more interesting as they end up being much stronger “stand-alone pieces”.

Plus each new track gets far more attention than it would have done had they all been released en masse a couple of weeks ago.

From the comments on the videos he has also released for each new song, it appears many fans agree with him.

Listen to The Weeknd’s ‘Take Me Back‘ from The Idol, Episode 3 end credits down below.

Like his other new song played at the beginning of the same episode, it is a helluva lovely thing.

You can stream the track now (or buy it) via all the usual online music services.

Episode 3 of The Idol is also streaming on HBO Max.


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