Listen to The Wind and The Wave’s Lost from Grey’s Anatomy (Video)

The Wind and The Wave's Lost

The Wind and The Wave’s Lost was featured on Grey’s Anatomy  as Amelia and Meredith talk about grief

Austin, Texas based indie folk/blues rock The Wind and the Wave, aka Dwight A. Baker and Patricia Lynn, had another song appear on Grey’s Anatomy this week. This time it was The Wind and The Wave’s Lost which graced the show — Season 13, Episode 19, “What’s Inside“.

The track was heard as Amelia and Meredith talk about grief as they go with Maggie to visit Diane’s grave.

This is the third time the pair has had music appear on the long-running drama show, so they are looking like they may just become regular music contributors. Now that would be nice.

After all, their cover of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars appeared in season 11, followed by My Mind Is An Endless Sea, which showed up in an earlier episode in the current season.

The current song is from the duo’s third album Happiness Is Not A Place, which was released on Island Records in 2016, and has a much more simple and more raw sound than their first two offerings. It’s beautiful, though.

Listen to The Wind and The Wave’s Lost in the video below to see what I mean.

And, if you like their sound, the duo are currently touring around the United States until at least the end of May this year.

They will be playing in Los Angeles tonight at The Bootleg Theater, in Phoenix on Monday night at the Valley Bar, and then have a slew of dates after that culminating in a concert in St. Louis at Firebird on the 27th May.

Check out The Wind and The Wave’s website for a complete list of dates. You can grab Happiness Is Not A Place, which includes Lost, as well as 12 other lovely tracks on all major music sites.

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