Listen to Todd Rungren’s ‘Bang The Drum All Day’ from ‘Speechless’ and also live

Listen to Todd Rungren’s ‘Bang The Drum All Day‘ from Speechless

The classic Todd Rundgren track ‘Bang The Drum All Day‘ was featured on the ABC sitcom Speechless this week — Season 2, Episode 14, “E-i-eighteen”. It was played on the soundtrack on JJ’s birthday when he and Kenneth are out on the town having fun.


Rundgren’s ‘Bang The Drum All Day‘ was released way back in 1982 on his The Ever-Popular Tortured Artist Effect album. His tenth studio album, and one that is one of his most popular to this day.

Weirdly too, as Rundgren spent as little time as possible recording it, delivering it as a contractual obligation to his record label Rhino and not much else.

Bang The Drum All Day‘, though, became one of Rundgren’s biggest hits, and is a song that describes perfectly how Rundgren must have felt back then. Forced to record an album he didn’t really want to make, when he would much rather be ‘banging on a drum all day’ than working.

Listen to Todd Rundgren’s original recording of ‘Bang The Drum All Day‘ in the video below, then watch his live performance of the track below that. The latter is worth it not only for Rundgren’s amazingly energetic performance, but also to see exactly how smoothly he handles it when one drumstick breaks mid-song. So cool.

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