Listen to Tom Odell’s ‘Heal’ from NCIS Episode “Reasonable Doubts” – It’s Beautiful

tom odell heal

If you were watching NCIS last night (Season 13, Episode 19, March 22nd — “Reasonable Doubts“), and heard one of the most touchingly beautiful songs during the scene when Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) was at the hospital with Susan pretending to be her father, then you fell in love with British singer Tom Odell and his song ‘Heal‘.

Heal‘ is from Odell’s 2013 debut studio album Long Way Down, an album written over a nine-month period in a tiny studio apartment in London. An album that was savaged by some of the worst ‘music critics’, if that is what you can call them, in the United Kingdom upon its release.

NME alone, a rag of a ‘music paper’ that should have closed its doors years ago, gave the album 0/10.

No worries, though, as Odell had the last laugh when Long Way Down sold more copies than the albums of a huge number of other British artists combined.

In reality, Tom Odell’s Long Way Down is a beautiful album, and ‘Heal‘ is a good example of the tracks on it. Songs that are full of haunting, heart-wrenching emotion, and Odell with a voice that, while it might seem a little too pretentious or showy to some, really is authentic, lovely and laden with a vulnerability so many of us have sadly lost.

Listen to Tom Odell’s ‘Heal‘, the last track on Long Way Down, and you will see what I mean. Oh, and yes, he is also the one playing the gorgeous piano.

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