Listen to Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo’ from New Amsterdam, Season 5, Ep. 10 – it’s stunningly beautiful

English indie singer songwriter and popular YouTuber Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo‘ was played on the soundtrack of New Amsterdam last night — New Amsterdam, Season 5, Episode 10, “Don’t Do This For Me”.


The gorgeous piano-driven song is one of a huge number of songs the indie singer songwriter has had featured on shows like Say I Do, Skins (UK), Valeria, Virgin River and DRUCK, including it being the second song the artist has had played on New Amsterdam this year.

Tom Rosenthal is an indie folk, indie pop singer who has written an enormous number of songs.

He has released six full-length studio albums in the last decade via his own record label Tinpot Records, along with four EPs, two compilation albums and a plethora of singles.

Most of the tracks he releases also get a music video on his YouTube channel, which has earned him almost 350, 000 subscribers and almost 160 million plays of his videos.

On Spotify, his songs do even better, earning him almost six million listeners every month.

Many of them feature hauntingly beautiful piano melodies accompanied by Rosenthal’s equally haunting voice.

Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo‘ was released over seven years ago on his first EP The Pleasant Trees.

It came with a stunningly beautiful and quite desolate music video Rosenthal shot out of the train window on a trip between Oslo and Bergen in Norway.

Listen to Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo‘ as heard on last night’s New Amsterdam in the music video for the song, and on his The Pleasant Trees EP.

I also recommend you listen to much more of his work on his YouTube channel and on Spotify, as so much of it is equally beautiful.

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Michelle Topham