Listen to ‘Tout Doux, Tout Doucement’ from Ted Lasso, S3 E8 as he says goodbye to his son and end credits

The French song playing over Ted Lasso end credits from one of France’s most famous singers

French pop singer Marcel Amont’s ‘Tout Doux, Tout Doucement’ was the French song playing over the Ted Lasso, Season 3, Episode 8 end credits this week.

The song began playing as Ted is saying “Goodbye” to his son Henry and to his ex-wife, and continues as they leave and he watches them get into the waiting taxi.

It continues to play as his wife turns to wave, and as the end credits begin to roll.

Marcel Amont’s ‘Tout Doux, Tout Doucement’ is actually a cover of the original The Fleetwoods song ‘Come Softly To Me’, which was released by the American vocal group in 1959.

Amont’s version of the a cappella track was one of a number of covers recorded of the song by some of the world’s most prestigious musicians.

They include The New Seekers, Lesley Gore, Frankie Vaughan, and American singer Brenton Wood.

Marcel Amont’s ‘Tout Doux, Tout Doucement‘, however, was the only one released in French, and it was released as the title track of his 1959 album of the same name, as well as appearing the same year on the singer’s Bleu, Blanc, Blond album.

Who was Marcel Amont?

Amont himself was one of the most famous and most prolific singers in the French-speaking world.

During his more than 70-year-career, the French singer and guitarist released more than 30 albums, 11 compilation albums, 126 EPs and 79 singles.

The singer also didn’t relegate himself to just performing songs in French, as he also released more than 1,000 songs (yep, 1,000) in languages like Italian, Spanish, German, English, Irish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Marcel Amont also lived to 93-years-old, and was still performing live almost up to his last few months of life.

He died in March this year in Saint-Cloud, France.

Listen to Marcel Amont’s ‘Tout Doux, Tout Doucement‘ from the Ted Lasso, Season 3, Episode 8 end credits in the video and on his album of the same name.

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