Listen to Travis Scott’s ‘Escape Plan’ from Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 9

Rapper and singer Travis Scott’s ‘Escape Plan‘ was that cool rap song playing over the opening scenes of Atlanta this week as Aaron (Tyriq Withers), the supposed white guy, is playing an online video game with two black guys — Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 9, “Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga“.

The show itself was a black and white episode. Yawn.

Travis Scott’s ‘Escape Plan‘ was released in late 2021 as part of a double single — ‘Escape Plan / Mafia’.

The song also came with a music video featuring Scott listening to the track in his high-end car, rapping it as his security team and attack dogs surround him, and then running on a treadmill while on the deck of a boat.


It continues on with Scott pushing his lavish lifestyle, getting on a private jet with his designer brand briefcase, riding a speed boat and an ATV, and finally ending up at flashy party.

To me, the video had little to do with ‘Escape Plan‘ unless it means earn massive amounts of money so you can lead an empty life but, there ya go.

Listen to Travis Scott’s ‘Escape Plan‘ as heard on Atlanta last night in the song’s music video, and on Spotify down below.

Watch the latest episode of Atlanta on Hulu.


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