Listen to Two Feet’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ from Riverdale, Season 6, Episode 12

Photo: Michael Courtney/THE CW

American alternative rock singer Two Feet’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down‘ was played on Riverdale this week — Riverdale, Season 6, Episode 12, “Chapter One Hundred and Seven: In the Fog“.

The song was playing as Archie and Betty are spending time alone.

New York City native Two Feet’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down‘ was released in late 2021 via AWAL Recordings, and is one of more than 20 singles he has released in the last five years.

The melancholic track was written as a plea to the woman he gave up everything for to take him back.

Indie singer Two Feet (aka Zachary William Dess) first came to the attention of the music industry back in 2016 when his Soundcloud released single ‘Go Fuck Yourself‘ became massively successful on the streaming platform.

That success led to the singer signing with Republic Records.

That and his next single ‘I Feel Like I’m Drowning‘ were both certified Gold in the U.S.

Since then, the indie singer has also released two studio albums, three EPs and a long list of singles.

Listen to Two Feet’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down‘ from Riverdale in the song’s music video, and on the Spotify player.

You will quickly hear why his music has grabbed so many people’s attention when you do.


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