Listen to U2’s ‘Seconds’ from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, S1 Ep 6 as Carol rides off on Daryl’s bike and from end credits

The season finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is airing on AMC and AMC + today and, along with the usual zombie-filled events, the episode outdid itself with the music used on its soundtrack.

Music that included a couple of sweet chamber music pieces and, of course, Irish rock band U2’s ‘Seconds‘.

That track played on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Season 1, Episode 6, “Coming Home” at the end of the episode as Daryl is waiting for a boat on the beach covered in zombie blood.

It then begins playing again as Carol Peletier (played by Melissa McBride) rides off on Daryl’s motorbike, and then plays the episode out over the end credits.

When was U2’s ‘Seconds‘ originally released?

While not one of the rock band’s biggest hits, ‘Seconds’ has still been a standout from the many standouts released by the now-iconic superstar Irish band over the last almost-50 years.

Yep 50 decades. Crazy eh?

U2’s ‘Seconds‘ was originally released on the band’s third studio album War, which came out in early 1983 on the Island Records label.

It is a somewhat “famous” song in that it was the first one released by U2 with guitarist the Edge also singing on the track, rather than just Bono who had been the sole singer on every U2 release before that.

The lyrics of the track are about a nuclear bomb, and how all it takes is one lunatic to get their hands on a small one, and then set it off in a suitcase:

And they’re doing the atomic bomb
Do they know where the dance comes from?
Yes, they’re doing the atomic bomb
They want you to sing along

(Full lyrics AZ Lyrics)

Listen to U2’s ‘Seconds‘ as heard on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon in the video, and via Spotify.

As for TWD: Daryl Dixon, don’t be too upset about the short 6-episodes only season.

The series has already been renewed for a second season and, yes, as we saw at the end of Episode 6, the wonderful Melissas McBride will be back in it as Carol.

Now that’s something to look forward to, eh?


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