Listen to U2’s With or Without You from Billions — because Chuck and Wendy are never going to make it

Listen to U2's With or Without You from Showtime's Billions

Listen to U2’s With or Without You as featured on Billions

I first became addicted to U2’s With or Without You when it was released as the lead single from their studio album The Joshua Tree back in 1987. Because it was a massive hit at the time, the biggest the Irish band had had up to then and, even now 30 years later, is still one of the most iconic U2 songs.

I was also in love with ‘the love of my life’, (well, he was back then), we were having problems and that song expressed how we both felt at the time.

So, when I heard ‘With or Without You‘ during the closing scenes of the last episode of the Showtime series Billions this week — Season 2, Episode 10, “With or Without You” — it brought back memories.

The song was played during the episode’s last scene, when Chuck decides to go back to Wendy, and was a perfect musical accompaniment to that moment.

Because, let’s face it, those two are never going to have a relationship that is remotely open and honest no matter what they say or do so, yes, they can’t really live with or without each other. But apparently they’re going to try to do one of those things. Let’s face it, it doesn’t bode well.

Listen to U2’s With or Without You as featured on Billions in the video below, because it’s a brilliant song no matter what eventually happens to Chuck and Wendy.

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