Listen To Unions’ ‘Prodigal’ From ‘The Fosters’ — Beautiful and Spiritual

unions prodigal

If you’re looking for cool music you haven’t heard before, I tell a lot of people to listen closely to TV series’ soundtracks. That’s because so many TV music supervisors choose incredible songs to go along with dramatic moments in the series they’re overseeing.


Case in point Unions’ ‘Prodigal‘, a song that was featured on the latest episode of The Fosters on Monday night — (Season 4, Episode 4 — “Now For Then“). And a song and a band I would not now be familiar with if it wasn’t for the TV series. I’m suspecting many others are the same way.

So, if you are as new to Unions as I am, here is what you need to know. About them and about ‘Prodigal‘.

Unions is a male-female duo. ‘Prodigal‘ is beautiful, has a tiny bit of a feel of an African American spiritual, and it is from their first release. The first part of that release just out on July 15th. Other than that, I got nothin‘.

Send me an e-mail if you’ve got more (see About Leo Sigh for contact info). Would love to find out more about them. And that means you too Unions, if you read this.

Meanwhile, listen to Unions’ ‘Prodigal‘ in the video below. It’s lovely.

Michelle Topham