Listen to Valley’s ‘Swim’ from ‘Shooter’ — Crisp, Solid Pop with Dreamy Vocals


Canadian indie band Valley‘s song ‘Swim‘ was featured on ‘Shooter‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 7, “Danger Close“.

It was heard as Bob Lee is reading an email from his wife telling him how much she misses him. And, while I do love the track itself and think this band is going far, it did seem a bit of an odd choice of music for that scene.

As for Valley, they are a relatively new Toronto-based band that was formed after two bands ended up booked for the same studio space. The bands liked each other, thought they may work well together, and so Valley was born.

Valley currently has two EPs out. The second nine-track EP, This Room Is White, was released in June and includes ‘Swim‘ — a crisp, solid pop song that is really quite lovely. You can pick up ‘Swim‘ on most major music sites.

Meanwhile, listen to the track in the video below. Nice, eh?

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