Listen to Vampire Weekend’s ‘Oxford Comma’ from YOU, Season 4, Ep. – catchy as heck

Season 4 of the massively successful series YOU is now streaming on Netflix, with Joe and his obsessions heading to Europe.

Along with the usual plotline, YOU again features some superb contemporary music.

That music includes indie rock band Vampire Weekend’s ‘Oxford Comma‘, which was played on the first episode of Season 4 as we see the views out over London where Joe has now arrived and is teaching a short story class — YOU, Season 4, Episode 1, “Joe Takes a Holiday“.

Vampire Weekend’s ‘Oxford Comma‘ was the band’s third single released from their self-titled debut studio album, which came out in May, 2008.

The song was written by Vampire Weekend member Ezra Koenig who had only recently learned about the Oxford comma, the comma just about every European uses at the end of a list of things to separate the last time items (ie: books, paper, string, and sugar).

The comma apparently incensed him so much, as Americans don’t use it, he felt like writing a song to say “screw the Oxford comma”. Alrighty then.

Interestingly too, the single was not a big success for the band, but it did chart in the UK where the Oxford comma is in daily use at #38 on the UK Singles chart.

Go figure.

Listen to Vampire Weekend’s ‘Oxford Comma’ as played on YOU this week on the American rock band’s self-titled debut album, and on the song’s music video.

The catchy song itself has more than 100 million plays on Spotify so, yep, it’s a Vampire Weekend fan favorite too.


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