Listen to Van Morrison’s ‘Brand New Day’ from A Million Little Things, S5 E10 ending scenes

Irish singer songwriter Van Morrison’s ‘Brand New Day‘ was played on A Million Little Things yesterday.

The gorgeous blues rock track was heard in the montage as Regina is practicing with Rome for her commercial.

It continues playing as Delilah spends the last few minutes walking through the house, and over the flashback of Delilah and Jon in the house as she walks down the stairs in a beautiful evening dress — A Million Little Things, Season 5, Episode 10, “The Salesman“.

Van Morrison’s ‘Brand New Day‘ came out way back in early 1970 on the musician’s third studio album Moondance.

It was an album that featured Morrison’s live vocals on each track, and the first album he produced in full by himself.

It was also an album that followed on from Van Morrison‘s commercially unsuccessful second album Astral Weeks, and one that became a huge success going down in history as one of the best releases of the 1970s.

The album spawned such hits as ‘Crazy Love‘ ‘Into the Mystic‘ and ‘Come Running‘ as well as eventually being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Listen to Van Morrison’s ‘Brand New Day‘ as heard at the end of this week’s A Million Little Things in the video, and on his Moondance album.

Although, if you are going to listen to ‘Brand New Day‘, I would recommend you listen to the whole album as it is superb from beginning to end.

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