Listen to Vienna Philharmonic’s ‘The Blue Danube’ from ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Vienna Philharmonic’s ‘The Blue Danube‘ featured on Fear The Walking Dead

I rarely feature classical music here on Leo Sigh. Not because I do not enjoy it, because I do, but because I honestly do not know much about it.

That being said, I was thrilled to hear one of my hometown classical orchestras the Vienna Philharmonic’s ‘The Blue Danube played on Fear The Walking Dead last night.

Because ‘The Blue Danube‘, known here in Austria as ‘An der schönen blauen Donau‘ (By The Beautiful Blue Danube‘), is a stunning piece of music just about everyone is familiar with.

And because I have seen the Vienna Philharmonic perform live several times (they are incredible). And because the Danube River is indeed beautiful and, if you haven’t seen it, you should really head here to Vienna sometime and walk alongside it.

The Vienna Philharmonic’s performance of the ‘The Blue Danube was heard on Fear The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 2, “Another Day in the Diamond“. It was played as we see Nick suddenly hear music, and as Mel and his gang use ‘The Blue Danube Waltz‘ to attract the attention of and round up some of the walkers.

The Blue Danube‘ was composed by one of Austria’s most famous composers Johann Strauss II. It was written in 1866 and, while not originally particularly well-received, it is now one of the most popular pieces of classical music in the world.

Along with ‘Tales From The Vienna Woods‘, ‘”Kaiser-Walzer, and ‘”Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka‘, ‘The Blue Danube‘ is one of the most well-known of Johann Strauss II’s compositions. It is also known as the ‘unofficial Austrian national anthem’.

Listen to the Vienna Philharmonic’s ‘The Blue Danube’ from Fear The Walking Dead in the video below, and watch them play it live (and don’t miss those fabulous ballet dancers!).

The live piece is from the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert, which is why, as the orchestra begins to play the first strains of the music, the conductor and the orchestra wish the audience “Prosit Neujahr” — Happy New Year!

A tradition at that concert, and really quite lovely.

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