Listen to Vitamin String Quartet’s ‘Paint It Black’ from Westworld — Powerful


Vitamin String Quartet‘s ‘Paint It Black’ was featured on the new HBO series Westworld this week — Season 1, Episode 1, “The Original” — during the shootout scene, and it is just about the coolest piece of string quartet music I have ever heard.

Because Vitamin String Quartet’s version of ‘Paint It Black’, while still a cover tribute to the Rolling Stones, has a grandeur to it that doesn’t really exist in the original.

As for Vitamin String Quartet, they are a Los Angeles-based group that plays mainly tribute music to a huge variety of different artists. In the past, they have covered songs from Radiohead, Coldplay, Muse, Of Monsters and Men, Black Sabbath, Simple Plan, Queen and a slew of others. Some of their work has also appeared in other TV series.

Listen to Vitamin String Quartet’s instrumental version of ‘Paint It Black‘ in the video below. Powerful, isn’t it?

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