Listen to Wade Bowen’s ‘Say Goodbye’ from Fire Country, Season 1, Ep. 10 – that’s a damn fine country song

American country singer Wade Bowen’s ‘Say Goodbye‘ was played on the soundtrack of the CBS series Fire Country last night — Fire Country, Season 1, Episode 10, “Get Your Hopes Up“.

The damn fine country song was heard as Sharon is getting ready for her treatment and gets a phone call about her medical report, and the crew are going to the fire house to kick off their training.

Wade Bowen’s ‘Say Goodbye‘ is from the Texas-based singer’s latest studio album, Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, which came out in August, 2022 via the Thirty Tigers entertainment company.

An interesting concept as, while Thirty Tigers helps indie musicians release their music, the musicians retain ownership and control of their music — and, hell, that’s pretty unique and fantastic in the highly-controlled music world, eh?.

Bowen himself did have a foray into the major label arena back in 2010 when he released his album The Given via the Sony imprint BNA Records.

But he was quickly back into the indie label world (and when you know how much control major label’s exert on their artists’ music and careers, the move back is often understandable) with his next album, the self-titled Wade Bowen,┬ácoming out via AMP Records.

Wade Bowen’s ‘Say Goodbye‘ appearing on Fire Country this week is also part of his music’s recent entry into the world of TV series soundtracks, with his song ‘Beat Me Down‘ also being licensed for play on Yellowstone last year.

With how damn cool his music is, (and I am not a big country music listener, but I have been listening to his songs on Spotify this morning and they are beautiful), he deserves much more of his music to have a bigger audience.

Oh and yep, the singer himself posted the Fire Country scenes ‘Say Goodbye‘ was played on via his Instagram account if you want to watch them again.

Listen to Wade Bowen’s ‘Say Goodbye‘ as heard on Fire Country last night in full on his Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth album and in the video, and let’s hope it is just one of many songs to be played on hit TV series like this.

Watch Fire Country via CBS, and learn more about Wade Bowen and, of course, buy his music and his merch on his official website.


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