Listen to Warren Zevon’s ‘Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead’ from Titans, Season 4, Ep. 4

American rock singer and songwriter Warren Zevon’s ‘Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead‘ was that track playing on Titans, Season 4, Episode 4, “Super Super Mart” last night.

The song was played as Sebastian, who is actually Jinx, attacks.

And yes, that is also the title of a 1995 movie starring Andy Garcia and Christopher Lloyd.

It was named that way after Zevon gave his permission to the film’s producers to use it as long as they also featured his song on the movie’s soundtrack.

Warren Zevon’s ‘Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead‘ was first released on the indie singer’s eighth studio album Mr. Bad Example, which came out in October, 1991 on the Giant label.

The song was written by LeRoy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel, and Zevon, and is known for its down-to-earth lyrics:

I was working on a steak the other day
And I saw Waddy in the Rattlesnake Cafe
Dressed in black, tossing back a shot of rye
Finding things to do in Denver when you die

As for Zevon himself, the singer released 12 studio albums, two live albums, six compilation albums (two after his death) and over 30 singles.

He died of cancer in September, 2003 at the age of just 56.

Listen to Warren Zevon’s ‘Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead‘ from last night’s Titans on the remastered version of his Mr. Bad Example album, and in the video.

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