Listen to Wayfarers’ ‘Just Our Style’ from Otherhood and The Kissing Booth — so infectious and addictive

The new Netflix movie Otherhood not only features superb performances from three exceptional actresses —  Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett, Felicity Huffman — it has an excellent soundtrack as well.

One song that stood out from all the others, however, is indie pop duo Wayfarers’ ‘Just Our Style‘. A song that was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2018 Netflix hit romantic comedy The Kissing Booth.

Wayfarers’ ‘Just Our Style‘ was released in 2015, and also comes with an official music video that has the duo performing the song, interspersed with clips of them and their friends just enjoying life. The way this cool song makes you want to do.

As for Wayfarers, they are Katie Cecil (vocals) and Anthony Purpura (multi-instrumentalist). Two musicians that specialize in creating highly infectious, upbeat and quite addictive music that grabs your attention and really makes you want to dance.

So much so, their songs have also been featured in commercials for companies like Verizon and Facebook.

No wonder ‘Just Our Style‘ was chosen for Otherhood then. It also has that happy feel that suited that movie so well.

You can listen to Wayfarers’ ‘Just Our Style‘ from Otherhood in the song’s  cool music video below.

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