Listen to Welshly Arms’ gorgeous track ‘Sanctuary’ from ‘Lucifer’, powerful and emotional

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar.
Listen to Welshly Arms’ gorgeous track ‘Sanctuary‘ from Lucifer

The gorgeous Welshly Arms song ‘Sanctuary‘ showed up on the latest episode of Lucifer this week — Season 3, Episode 25, “Boo Normal” — and, man, was that a lovely end to a troubling episode.

The track was played towards the end of the episode as Lucifer and Azrael talk, and then Azrael disappears. It continues to play as Ella and Lucifer are talking, and are being watched by Azrael.

And, if you are not familiar with Welshly Arms, they are an indie blues rock band with vintage soul roots from Cleveland, Ohio that has been together since 2013. The band currently has three EPs released, and two studio albums out.

Listen to just one or two of their songs, however, and you will not only know who Welshly Arms are, you will be instantly hooked.

Welshly Arms’ newest album is called No Place Is Home. It was released on Position Music just a few days ago. ‘Sanctuary‘ is from this album. An album that has 12 other tracks that are just as rich, powerful and utterly gorgeous.

Because Welshly Arms’ strength comes from lead singer Sam Getz, and his stunning raw vocals, as well as all that passion and emotion the band and their fabulous singers create with their music.

Welshly Arms are:

  • Sam Getz – lead vocals, guitar
  • Brett Lindemann – keyboard, vocals
  • Jimmy Weaver – bass, vocals
  • Mikey Gould – drums
  • Bri Bryant – vocals
  • Jon Bryant – vocals

Listen to the album version of ‘Sanctuary‘ from Lucifer in the official video below. Then don’t miss watching the band play a beautiful acoustic version of the song in the video below that.

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