Listen to Wet’s ‘Turn the Lights Down Low’ from New Amsterdam, Season 5, Episode 7


Brooklyn-originated indie pop band Wet’s ‘Turn the Lights Down Low‘ was featured on the new episode of the long-running medical drama New Amsterdam last night — New Amsterdam, Season 5, Episode 7, “Maybe Tomorrow“.

The gorgeously acoustic, almost mystical ‘Turn the Lights Down Low‘ is a recent release from the indie pop group.

It came out earlier this year on the group’s latest EP Pink Room, via the indie record label Secretly Canadian.

The 7-track EP arrived not long after their third studio album Letter Blue, which was released in October, 2021 but, weirdly, failed to chart.

Wet’s ‘Turn the Lights Down Low‘ also came with a simply-filmed official music video featuring the group’s lead singer/songwriter Kelly Zutrau.

The video is shot on a fenced in bridge, with two different footages running side-by-side — one close up, while the other is filmed from further back. It ends in a pulled back shot as boys on skateboards whiz by.

It was the only song from the EP to get a music video.

Listen to Wet’s ‘Turn the Lights Down Low‘ as heard on last night’s New Amsterdam in that video, and on the group’s Pink Room EP.

The song itself is an attention grabber, as its simplicity paired with Zutrau’s ethereal voice make it so powerful.

The latest season of New Amsterdam is currently airing on NBC.



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