Listen to Wham!’s ‘Come On’ from Physical, S3 E8 as Sheila is handing out flyers

British pop duo Wham!’s ‘Come On‘ was that cool dance pop song playing during the early scenes of the latest episode of Physical this week — Physical, Season 3, Episode 8, “Like a Mouse”.

The track was heard as Sheila decides she needs to hire more class instructors, so heads to various venues — a roller rink, a strip joint etc — to hand out flyers in an attempt to recruit.

It then continues playing until the scene changes to Danny rehearsing his conversation with Fidelia telling her they need to break up.

When was Wham!’s ‘Come On‘ released?

Come On’ was one of the eight tracks released on the British pop duo’s debut studio album Fantastic, which came out in July, 1983.

Although ‘Come On‘ was not released as a single from the album, the album itself went on to become a smash hit for the duo (aka Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael) charting at #1 on the UK Albums chart, and at #1 on the New Zealand Albums chart.

Come On‘ also hit charted in eight other countries, including the U.S. where it climbed to #83 on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as being certified Gold in the U.S. and the Netherlands, and Platinum in New Zealand and the UK.

Even though they were together just five years before breaking up in 1986, the Wham! boys themselves became one of the world’s most successful music acts during that time.

The duo even visited China, becoming the first western pop act to do so.

The pair broke up in 1986, primarily due to George Michael wanting to move away from the teenager-focused music they had released for years and onto something more mature.

Almost 30 years later, and Wham! still has almost 12 million people listening to their music every month on Spotify alone.

Listen to Wham!’s ‘Come On‘ as played on Physical this week via the duo’s Fantastic album on Spotify, and in the video below.

Physical stars Rose Byrne, Rory Scovel and Dierdre Friel, with Season 3 of the drama currently streaming via Apple Plus TV.



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