Listen to White Lies’ ‘Death’ from Death and Other Details, Ep 8 end credits

The indie rock song White Lies’ ‘Death‘ was that cool song playing over the Death and Other Details end credits this week.

The track began playing right after Katherine Collier is found dead in the swimming pool, and as Viktor Sams’ agents arrive and take over the ship.

Death’ then plays over the end credits — Death and Other Details, Episode 8, “Chapter Eight: Vanishing“.

 When was White Lies’ ‘Death‘ first released?

Death‘ came out in September, 2008 as the band’s second ever single.

The track was released months before their debut album To Lose My Life, and then came out again almost a year later as the fifth single from that album.

The single release was not a huge hit for the British indie rock band — it did rank on charts in the UK, Scotland, Mexico and Poland — although their To Lose My Life album, which included the song, went on to become a big commercial success in the United Kingdom.

The use of White Lies’ ‘Death‘ over the end credits of Death and Other Details is not the first time the bangin’ song has been licensed for a TV series or movie either, as it has also appeared in the films Jennifer’s Body and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

White Lies, by the way, was founded in 2007 as Fear of Flying, but quickly changed their name.

The band, comprising lead singer Harry McVeigh, bass guitarist Charles Cave, drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown, is still recording and performing live today.

You will find more about the British band, including more of their music, on the official White Lies website.

Meanwhile, listen to White Lies’ ‘Death‘ as played on the latest episode of Death and Other Details in the song’s music video, and via the band’s To Lose My Life album.

Weirdly, it sounds to me more like a life-affirming track than one that’s supposed to get me thinking about death.

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