Listen to Wilco’s ‘Impossible Germany’ from The Bear, Season 1, Episode 5 end credits

Wilco’s ‘Impossible Germany‘ was one of the incredibly cool songs playing on the soundtrack of the superb Hulu series The Bear this week — The Bear, Season 1, Episode 5, “Sheridan“.

The guitar-driven song was played as the electricity goes out, the pilot light on the oven won’t work and the gang move the cooking out into the parking lot.

It plays again at the close of the episode as Syd goes to bed and over the end credits.

Wilco’s ‘Impossible Germany‘ is from the American rock band’s sixth studio album Sky Blue Sky, which came out in mid-2007 on the Nonesuch record label.

The album became one of Wilco’s most successful albums. Sky Blue Sky hit #4 on the Billboard 200 chart, with most music critics highly praising the album.

Pitchfork, one of the few music magazines that often seems to be out to destroy the confidence of artists, was one of the few that had negative comments about the album.

So much so, after awarding Sky Blue Sky a 5.2 out of 10, they eventually revised it to an 8.5 over 10 years later. A bit late, right?

Listen to Wilco’s ‘Impossible Germany‘ as heard on The Bear on the band’s Sky Blue Sky album, and on the video below.

There is also a sweet live performance of the song Wilco gave at the Santa Monica, CA based public radio station KCRW you should check out down there as well.

You can also listen to many of the other gorgeous songs featured on The Bear soundtrack on Leo Sigh.


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