Listen to Wilder Woods’ ‘Be Yourself’ from Grey’s Anatomy S19 E20 season finale intro scenes

American singer songwriter Wilder Woods (aka Bear Rinehart) had one of his songs featured on Grey’s Anatomy this week — Grey’s Anatomy, Season 19, Episode 20, “Happily Ever After?“.

That song was Wilder Woods’ ‘Be Yourself’, which was played on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy over the medical drama’s opening scenes as Meredith is talking about CT scans.

Wilder Woods’ ‘Be Yourself’ is a track but not an official single from the singer’s 2023 album FEVER/SKY, which came out via the Dualtone Music Group on March 24th.

It is the indie singer’s second studio album after his self-titled debut album, which came out in 2019.

The track itself is a mellow soul-infused track sung from the perspective of a man who wants the woman he loves to never lie about who she is, and to trust him to accept her warts and all:

Say what you want
I don’t care where it goes
If I’m gonna love you completely
We gotta let it all show

Who knows you better
Who could love you any more
You can trust me completely
I’m just asking for you to be yourself
Oh, you can be yourself

(Read the song’s full lyrics via Genius)

Something many people hope to find when they fall in love, but few actually do, eh?

Wilder Woods himself, while a talented solo singer who is carving out a quite successful career for himself, is most widely known as the lead singer, guitarist and keyboardist for the indie rock band NeedtoBreathe.

He is one of the founders of that band, and has been performing and recording with them for over two decades.

That, however, has not stopped him from creating some pretty lovely music by himself.

Listen to Wilder Woods’ ‘Be Yourself‘ from last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, Season 19 finale on the Spotify player and in the video.

Grey’s Anatomy itself has already been greenlit for a 20th season by ABC, and shows no signs of quitting.

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