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Listen to Wildes ‘Bare’ from ‘Shooter’ — It’s Addictive (Video)

The Wildes‘ track ‘Bare‘ was featured on the USA Network’s series ‘Shooter‘ this week, Season 1, Episode 9, “Ballistic Advantage“.

It was played when Mary talked to Bob Lee on the phone while the trace was going on.

Bare‘, which was released in early 2016, is one of only a couple of singles Wildes has released at the moment. Both, however, are quite addictive.

Word has it the 20-year-old British singer, aka Ella Walker, is working on an album but there is no information as of yet as to any firm release date.

And if the music on that is anything like the couple we have already heard, it is going to be special.

You can grab ‘Bare‘ on most major digital music sites.

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