Listen to Wildes’ ‘Illuminate’ from ‘Good Behavior’ — Ethereal and Lovely


British singer Wildes, aka Ella Walker, had her beautiful track ‘Illuminate‘ featured on ‘Good Behavior‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 9, “For You I’d Go with Strawberry“. Wildes is Walker’s mother’s maiden name, and she is a singer whose influences include The Cure, Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell.

As for ‘Illuminate‘, it is one of two singles the London-based singer has out at the moment, and is a really lovely ethereal song.


The track first showed up on the Austrian electronic YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep last year, where it garnered over a million hits. Now it is getting air play on major TV shows.

Listen to ‘Illuminate‘ in the video below. You can pick itĀ up on most major sites.

Michelle Topham