Listen to Wilsen’s ‘Go Try’ from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — Seductive, Elegant and Siren-Like

wilsen go try artwork

Wilsen‘s ‘Go Try‘ was featured on Pretty Little Liars this week — June 28th, Season 2, Episode 2 — “Bedlam“. It was played during the scene when Hanna met with Lucas. And it’s a fitting song for Pretty Little Liars as it is so elegant and seductive, but also has such an unexpected bite. A little bit like a more lyrically understandable Cocteau Twins meet Lana Del Rey.

As for Wilsen, they are a band comprising vocalist and London native Tamsin Wilson, and musicians and songwriters Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt. The trio has been together since they met at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

They moved to New York in 2012, released a debut album called Sirens, and haven’t looked back since.

And what makes Wilsen so attention grabbing is the way their minimalist music wraps itself around you, enfolds you, holds you as Tamsin Wilson’s voice weaves in and out of the melody with its own distinct surreal and siren-like magic.

Listen to Wilsen’s ‘Go Try‘ in the video below to see what I mean. Doesn’t that make you feel like you are in a dream, with no impetus to ever wake up?

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