Listen to Wolf Alice’s ‘The Last Man on Earth’ from The Power Episode 1 as Allie is at the aquarium

British indie rock band Wolf Alice’s ‘The Last Man on Earth‘ was one of the many many songs played on the soundtrack of the new sci-fi drama The Power this week — The Power, Season 1, Episode 1, “A Better Future Is In Your Hands“.

The song was playing as Allie is at the aquarium staring into the tank at the electric eel.

Wolf Alice’s ‘The Last Man on Earth‘ came out in early 2021 as the first single from the band’s third studio album Blue Weekend.

The song charted in the UK, Canada and the United States and, while not a huge hit for Wolf Alice, their Blue Weekend album certainly became one.

That album went on to chart in 10 countries, with the United Kingdom being the territory where it earned its biggest audience.

In the UK Blue Weekend charted at #1 both on the UK Albums chart, and on the Independent Albums chart.

It also hit three charts in the United States, arriving at #25 on the Billboard Current Album Sales chart as its highest placing.

With that ranking alone, it earned the British indie band a large number of new fans.

The Last Man on Earth‘ lyrics talk about the arrogance of human beings, who often believe the world revolves around them:

Who are you to ask for anything else?
The thing you should be asking is for help
You’d like a light to shine on you

Listen to Wolf Alice’s ‘The Last Man on Earth‘ from the first episode of The Power on the band’s Blue Weekend album, and in the song’s simple black and white video.

The Power is now streaming at Amazon Prime Video.


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