Listen to Yes Men’s ‘As Long As You Are Mine’ from ‘Lucifer’ — A Little Bit Dangerous

Yes Men’s ‘As Long As You Are Mine‘ was featured on the latest episode of ‘Lucifer‘ this week — Season 2, Episode 11, “Stewardess Interruptus“, and it was perfect for this show as the song has that feeling of being just a little ‘dangerous’.

The track was played as Chloe and Lucifer are getting sexual together, and then are interrupted by Jana the stewardess.

‘As Long As You Are Mine‘ originally showed up on the soundtrack of the 2015 Jennifer Lopez film The Boy Next Door, but has been one of those songs that is difficult to find since. Now here it is again, though, on ‘Lucifer‘.

You can listen to the track in the video below. Cool, eh?


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