Listen to Young Jesus’ ‘The Weasel’ from A Murder at the End of the World Ep 5 end credits – haunting and mysterious

The latest episode of A Murder at the End of the World continued with the psychological tricks bound to make anyone feel like they are crazy, or at least imagining things, the usual excellent performances from the superb cast and, of course, several cool songs on its soundtrack.

Songs like American indie rock band Young Jesus’ ‘The Weasel’.

That was the song playing on A Murder at the End of the World, Season 1, Episode 5, “Crypt” right after Darcy gets trapped underwater and is beating the swimming pool cover in an effort to get out.

Young Jesus’ ‘The Weasel’ a new cool song to obsess over?

One of the things I have enjoyed about A Murder at the End of the World since its first episode is the songs the show’s music supervisor has chosen to illustrate the craziness.

One of those songs, Young Jesus’ ‘The Weasel’, was the final song played on this week’s episode of the FX/Hulu murder mystery and, in true A Murder at the End of the World form, had a creepiness all of its own.

The song itself was released by the indie band Young Jesus just today on the Saddle Creek Records label after, of course, appearing on A Murder at the End of the World.

It is one of the band’s first releases since their 2022 album Shepherd Head, a welcome addition to their discography, and featuring lyrics that could very well describe the situation Darcy finds herself in:

The humans eat up
The answers to their problems
As if the demon
Was just a passing melody
We watch the weasel
Diе as it eats our poison
The snake and nightshadе are
All that is left for us

In other words, no matter what mysteries are cleared up, there just always seem to be more and darker heading down the pike.

With the appearance of A Murder at the End of the World seeming to waken something wonderfully creative in the California-based indie band, ‘The Weasel‘ itself is haunting, mysterious and, frankly, quite fabulously disturbing as it addresses that reality.

Listen to Young Jesus’ ‘The Weasel’ as heard on the A Murder at the End of the World, Episode 5 end credits on the just-released video, and via Spotify.

Episode 5 of the drama is now streaming via FX and Hulu.


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