Listen to Zoe Keating’s ‘Legions (War)’ from ‘Elementary’ — Incredibly Atmospheric Cello


Canadian cellist Zeo Keating‘s cello piece ‘Legions (War)‘ was featured on ‘Elementary — Season 3, Episode 1, “Enough Nemesis To Go Around” back in 2014, and it’s starting to earn renewed attention as the third season of ‘Elementary‘ has just been released on Netflix in Europe.

The piece was played when Joan looks at the hotel security footage, and then the scene switches to a gorgeous aerial view zooming into Allison March’s mansion.

Keating’s ‘Legions (War)‘ is the lead track from her 2005 album One Cello x 16: Natoma.

As for Zoe Keating, she is a Canadian-born cellist who is now based in San Francisco, California.

Keating was originally known for her work as a cellist in the fabulous cello rock band Rasputina, but has created quite a following for herself as a solo artist in recent years as her music has appeared in shows like ‘Teen Wolf‘, ‘Crisis‘, ‘The Returned‘, ‘Manhattan‘ and even ‘Dateline‘. ‘Elementary‘ is a show that is really bringing attention to what she does.

The interesting thing about Zoe Keating’s work appearing in several episodes of ‘Elementary‘, however, is it looks like it was originally used by CBS without her permission, as Zoe’s own blog post talks about.

After she went after CBS on Twitter, however, for using her music without asking, they have since licensed her work, and it now legally appears in various episodes of the popular detective series.

Listen to Zoe Keating’s ‘Legions (War)‘ in the video below. Gorgeous and incredibly atmospheric, isn’t it?

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