Listen to Zola Jesus’s ‘Veka’ from ‘How To Get Away with Murder’

Listen to Zola Jesus’s ‘Veka’ from ‘How To Get Away with Murder

American synth pop art pop singer songwriter Zola Jesus, aka Nicole Hummel, is pretty prolific with five studio albums and four EPs released since 2009.

This week Zola Jesus’s ‘Veka’ was featured on the latest episode of the series How To Get Away With Murder — Season 4, Episode 6, “Stay Strong, Mama”.

It was heard as Oliver strips for Connor, Michaela tells Asher the truth and Jackie talks to Annalise.

The track is from Zola Jesus’s fifth studio album Okovi. Released in September on the Sacred Bones Records label, it is an album that was written by Zola Jesus after going through a period of depression.

She channeled her emotions into Ovoki, and ended up with a superb album critics called “deeply emotive”, “profound” and, as Sam Shepherd of MusicOMH put it “sometimes it sounds bleak, sometimes it sounds glorious, , but it’s in embracing the full gamut of life experience, as Zola Jesus does here that nothing becomes everything. The shackles might still be on, but this is the sound of an artist reveling in freedom.”

Listen to Zola Jesus’s ‘Veka’ in the Spotify widget below.

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