Listen to Zonderling’s ‘Breng’ from Wolf Pack, Season 1, Ep. 1 – an hypnotic dance track from a mysterious man

While the new Paramount + supernatural drama Wolf Pack is, so far at least, the worst thing I have watched in 2023 (the first episode is astoundingly terrible), it does come with some pretty innovative music on its soundtrack.


Music like Zonderling’s ‘Breng‘, which was the insistent dance track DJ Asher was playing at the pop-up party as Asher and Harlan notice each other.

Yep, the show is as “woke” as just about everything else coming out of Hollywood at the moment.

You know, there just has to be at least one overtly gay character in every show, even if the fact that they are gay or that they are making out adds absolutely nothing to the show’s plot and, if anything seems to have been thrown in to add some titillation. Annoying.

In the case of Wolf Pack, we have a gay werewolf and a gay DJ. Fine, but just make that fact relevant or, as a decades-long gay rights activist, I’m accusing you of just pandering to the woke mob. (Yep, I really hated this show, as every actor in it deserves better)

Now back to Zonderling’s ‘Breng‘, as it deserves a better show to be showcased on as well.

That track was released by the Dutch electronica artist on his Ondertitlel album, which came out on Martin Garrix’ label Stmpd Rcrds in 2022.

The name Zonderling, by the way, translates into English as ‘Eccentric’, which tells you quite a bit about the music he produces.

It probably also describes the artist himself. An artist who seems to prefer to keep his fans in the dark when it comes to much information about himself, and instead wants his music to speak for itself.

Nothing wrong with that, of course. Especially when it is as strong on its own two feet as Zonderling’s ‘Breng‘.

Listen to Zonderling’s ‘Breng‘ as heard on Wolf Pack on his Ondertitel album, and in the video.

You can also learn a little more about the artist via his website although, be warned, he doesn’t give away much.

As for Wolf Pack, the teen drama is currently airing on Paramount+. Just don’t expect much. Really. Don’t.


Michelle Topham