Little Glee Monster Performing at J-Pop Summit in San Francisco in August (Videos)

little glee monster

Japan’s J-Pop group Little Glee Monster will be in America later on this month (August 8th and 9th), for their very first US concerts. The girls will be performing at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.

If you’re a fan of J-Pop or just love to see what Japanese bands are coming up with nowadays, Little Glee Monster is well worth getting to know as these girls are talented.

Little Glee Monster was formed a couple of years ago after Sony ran a competition for the best female singers in Japan. This six-member pop group was the result — girls from all over Japan who are all still in high school.

Soon afterwards, the group kicked off a YouTube channel where, in the last couple of years, they have developed quite a following with almost 20 million views so far.

When Little Glee Monster first started out, many of the videos they released on YouTube were covers of western songs, Nowadays, however, they’re concentrating much more on original material, with just a cover thrown in now and again.

As for their future career plans, I am expecting, once these girls graduate from high school, they are likely to go all out for superstardom.

As they are definitely talented enough to get there, they may just succeed.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard Little Glee Monster yet, watch the two videos below.

One is a short cover of ‘A Whole New World‘, while the other is one of their latest original releases.

Yes, they still have that very strong Japanese-English accent, yes, it is very much Japanese bubble-gum pop but, personally, I love what they do as it is fresh, fun and they can definitely sing.


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