Lizzo’s ‘Good as Hell’ video has her in a marching band in all her body positive glory

Lizzo’s ‘Good as Hell‘ got a very cool re-release last month when she collaborated with Ariana Grande on a superb remix of her hit song.

But that remix wasn’t enough for Lizzo, as she apparently still wasn’t done with the song.

That’s why a new Lizzo’s ‘Good as Hell‘ music video just hit YouTube a couple of hours ago. A music video with the woman herself leading a marching band, and doing it in all her body positive glory.

Because while many women still wouldn’t wear a skimpy outfit as, according to them at least, their body isn’t ‘perfect’, Lizzo dons her revealing outfit and dances in it proudly.

The ‘Good as Hell‘ video also has the 31-year-old singer twerking in said skimpy outfit, and dancing with Southern University’s nationally acclaimed dance group the Dancing Dolls on the field during a football game.

The ‘Good as Hell‘ video for Lizzo’s 2016 hit song was set during Homecoming Week at Southern University at New Orleans, and was filmed in co-operation with the historically black university. It features students from the university throughout.

Watch Lizzo’s gorgeously body positive ‘Good as Hell‘ music video below, and rejoice in a woman feeling that good about herself.

If you would like to see the fabulous singer live, check Lizzo’s website for upcoming events in the next couple of months.

You should also not miss her Saturday Night Live debut as the show’s musical guest on December 21st.

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