Longing for You Ep 2 RISES in ratings as murder mystery intensifies

Photo courtesy ENA

The new Korean murder mystery Longing for You, Episode 2 aired on ENA in South Korea last night, with the K-drama seeing a rise in ratings both nationally and in Seoul.

According to the latest Nielsen Korea figures Longing for You, Episode 2 ratings saw a substantial rise from the drama’s first episode of 1.40 percent to last night’s 1.87 percent nationwide.

In Seoul, the ratings for Longing for You, Episode 2 were 1.81 percent, which is an increase from the drama’s previous episode ratings of 1.35 percent.

As the ratings for the second episode of a substantial number of Korean dramas tend to fall, that Longing for You‘s ratings have risen is very promising for the mystery drama going forward.

Not surprising that the drama’s ratings have risen though, as the plot of the Na In Woo-led drama has been quite intense since the drama’s first episode premiered on Wednesday.

What is Longing for You?

Longing for You airs on ENA in South Korea every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 21: 00 (KST), with each new episode streaming via Viki outside Korea soon after.

The drama follows Oh Jin Seong (played by Na In Woo), a detective who is trying to solve a serial murder.

A murder case that seems relatively “normal” until his younger brother Oh Jin Woo (Ren) becomes involved.

And until previously unknown family secrets begin to come to light.

The next episode of Longing for You will air on ENA on Wednesday, August 3rd followed by the episode streaming via Viki soon after.

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